Our Story

The Oaysis Mission

"Oaysis" A Multi-faceted interactive development initiative, specializing in collaborative web based educational tools, scholastic outreach and inter-organizational partnerships to enhance the development of the adolescent, middle youth, and young adult communities. Educational and personal growth is fostered through a diverse web application that provides a safe haven equipped with an array of effective educational tools and digital media. Delivering digital mentoring and scholastic outreach programs that seek to promote education, enable effective communication, and provide self empowerment to future generations for successful leadership.

The Meaning Behind the Mission

"Oaysis" as an organization, believes that individuals of all abilities deserve the opportunity to realize their full potential through unconditional guidance and supports provided in their own communities. Positive, nurturing relationships are the basis for growth and change. These relationships are best fostered through efforts to help young people make informed and responsible decisions about their current and future circumstances. All youth deserve respect and this is best emanated by valuing young people as part of the solution. We believe in innovation as a mindset. Developing new and better ways to serve people is an exciting and motivating expectation of every employee at every level of the organization. "Oaysis" is committed to giving back to the communities in which we live and work. By reaching our potential as an organization, we are helping those we serve reach theirs. Partnerships yield the most effective and powerful outcomes for those we serve. Our partnerships - with individuals, their families, our employees, mentors, organizations and communities in which we work - are based on mutual respect and a shared focus on innovation, quality and unconditional support.